Conscious Movement Medicines



 The 'issues in our tissues' is the doorway to true self-knowledge, self-mastery, and ultimately, freedom. By paying close attention to your senses - reading your environment through your nerve-endings - or as I like to say in a more romantic way, SURRENDER TO YOUR SENSES, you can drop the stories that keep you limited, and courageously embrace the DANCE of YOUR LIFE! 

GuiDANCE has taken the form of play-shops as well as one on one sessions.

Nia technique
Sumo Stance
52 moves

Nia. Now I Am...

 NIA® is a holistic, sensory-based, 'bodyful' dance class and lifestyle practice that not only conditions your body in remarkable and pleasurable ways, but also sharpens your mind, releases your emotions and frees your spirit with the creative use of music and movement. It draws from the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, providing an enticing, whole-body dance workout and personal growth experience. Science has proven it over and over again, dancing makes you happier! Dance enhances brain functions! And dancing in community and groups heals depression and anxiety.



 CHAKRADANCE™ is a well-being movement experience. It uses spontaneous dance,  specific chakra-resonant music (for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your whole energy system) and mandala art expression. CHAKRADANCE™ is rhythm for your soul! I create an inviting, safe space to let go of your inhibitions and relax into the dance of your inner world, using the chakra system as a map on your personal growth journey. I tickle your imagination as you move freely to the incredible music, propelling you on a journey of self-discovery! 

soma soul sessions


Small groups & 1-on-1 sessions

 Diving deep takes courage. Vulnerability and radical honesty are the skills we need to lean into, and having a safe space to do this requires TRUST and a level of intimacy most can only find in small groups or one on one. 

Get ready to peel back the limiting layers and fluffy façades! You will do this either kicking and screaming in frustrated desperation through your life, or you'll do it with passionate power and intentional focus here, with me! And I don't need to explain which one can lead to greater Joy, abundant energy and self-empowerment ;-)